Screenshot 2014-10-03 20.34.09 AirCONICS is a free collection of parametric geometries defined as Rhinoceros/Python objects and scripts. They use the OpenNURBS framework through Rhinoceros and they can be run (using the RunPythonScript command) in Rhinoceros. The MacOS X version of Rhinoceros is available for free, while a trial version is available for free under Windows (the latter also features a neat IDE for developing Python code). The fundamental principle behind AirCONICS is that conceptual and preliminary design geometries can be defined (and stored) as scripts. This allows for:

  • easy parameterization of the geometry – all the variables of the code (including function handles) can be considered as potential parameters of the geometry
  • portability
  • the integration of complex design algorithms into the geometry – these can simply be part of the parametric ‘recipe’ that builds the geometry

You can get started with AirCONICS by downloading it here.