UAV design book

Our new book on the design of small fixed wing unmanned aircraft is out  (see this post).

It is accompanied by a couple of software tools, which the reader may choose to include in their own design processes (under the conditions of the GNU General Public License).

First, it contains two Jupyter notebooks to be used for constraint analysis in the first stage of the concept design process, one written in Python 2, another in Python 3. The notebooks are self-contained, save for one package: Kevin Horton’s Aero-Calc. This needs to be installed first before the notebooks can be run (a version translated into Python 3 can be found here). pip can be used to install the Python 2 version of the package (type pip install aerocalc in a terminal window); the Python 3 version can simply be copied to a folder where your Python installation looks for packages.

UPDATE: The constraint analysis example described in the book now has a new home and it is based on the new ADRpy aircraft design library. More details in this post.

We have also included a parametric geometry script, which will build the Decode 1 model described in the book. This is essentially the script from the Appendix of the book, which uses the AirCONICS library of Rhinoceros 3D Python 2.7 scripts – you can download both from here (make sure you edit the setup file, adding your own path to wherever you downloaded the code to, as well as to the Selig coordinate database you will have downloaded with AirCONICS and unzipped into a separate folder).

Finally, here are a few errors we spotted after the book went to print: errata


14 thoughts on “UAV design book”

  1. I’ve bought the UAV book and it is simply wonderful !!
    When the Decode-1 script will be available?
    Thank you

  2. Hello,

    I have also bought digital version of the book and wanted to try the Airconics with Rhino, but still no codes where uploaded..
    When it will be available?

    Thank you,

  3. András Sóbester said:

    You can now find the Decode-1 code here – please make sure you edit the setup file first, adding your own paths.

  4. Thank you András for the upload!

    Is there anyway you could share the codes for Figure 21.7 Student UAV with undersized wings or something with similar design (without tail boom V tail from fuselage and pusher engine)?


    • András Sóbester said:


      As you say, that was a student project. We only have scripted geometry for the twin boom tractor architecture.


  5. Hello András, I’ve bought your book, and I’m trying to run the jupyter notebook but I get a 403 forbidden access when I try to download it. Could you please share a link from where we could download the code?.

    Thank you,

    • András Sóbester said:

      John, I’m working on fixing the server access issues, meanwhile I’ll email you the code.

      Best wishes

  6. Hi András
    I have the book in my library but couldn’t get the code here. The code is not uploaded yet. Could you please share a link from where I could download the code?.
    Thank you,

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